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  1. Each artist may submit up to 2 pieces for entry.

  2. Entry fees are currently free

  3. The Nisei Gallery reserves the right to refuse any artwork upon Arrival, which does not, for whatever reason, adhere to these rules and requirements.

  4. Artists agree to abide by all entry requirements and decisions of The Nisei Gallery. Any misrepresentation or failure to abide by these rules and requirements is grounds for removal from the exhibition review. Decision by The Nisei Gallery is final and not subject to review by any other body.

  5. No artist will be allowed to enter the exhibition who did not meet the registration deadline or fails to provide approval confirmation to The Nisei Gallery at the scheduled artwork submission dates.

  6. Submissions may be used for advertising of the exhibition. If a selected artwork is used, The Nisei Gallery will reference the artist in the post using social media tag or website tag within the copy of the ad.

  7. Entry Status When submitting a proposal, the Gallery staff will change the status of the entry from 'Not Submitted' to 'Submitted' only when notification from PayPal has been received

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