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Mural with woman in front

The Nisei Gallery is a unique retail and
gallery experience that holds and preserves "The Nisei Mural" speculated to be painted by Nobuo Kitagaki (1918 - 1984)— an established artist in the San Francisco area. The Artisan Village within the Nisei Gallery showcases the work from local artists who are masters of their craft. Some of these skills are taught in the gallery's workshop. The middle space is an exhibition space with exhibitions that will change throughout the year.

More Information

Artisan Village

The Artisan Village is a part of The Nisei Gallery that provides space for local artisans to sell their wares. It is a home for all hand made works to be celebrated, displayed, and sold.

Exhibition Oportunities

The Nisei Gallery will hold monthly exhibitions and calls for art. A unique opportunity to display your artwork in this historic building.

The Nisei Workshop

The Nisei Gallery provides classes and demonstrations from numerous artists and artisans in the area!

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