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Artisan Call.

Artisan Village

Are you a master of handmade wonders? Do you have a passion for crafting one-of-a-kind treasures that deserve to be in the spotlight? Look no further! We invite talented artisan crafters like you to be part of our Artisan Village, where your craftsmanship will shine like never before.

What is the Artisan Village? 

Whether you work with wood, ceramics, textiles, metals, or any other medium, the Artisan Village is the perfect platform to display and sell your exquisite wares to an enthusiastic audience of art and craft enthusiasts.

At the Nisei Gallery Artisan Village, every piece tells a story, and every creation is a work of art. Share your passion, your skill, and your unique perspective with a diverse and appreciative crowd.



Upon portfolio review, the Nisei Gallery will offer up to 75% per sale.


A Fulfilling Venture

Connect with a community of fellow crafters and art lovers who appreciate the dedication it takes to produce your art.


Unforgettable Display

The unique location of the Nisei Gallery on Fort Ritchie provides access to annual events as well as a growing community of local and traveling visitors.


Demonstrate Your Process

Demonstrate Your Process

The Nisei Gallery will soon provide the opportunity for artisans and artists to demonstrate their process to visitors through classes, workshops, and a demonstration area.

Please note:
Acceptance is competitive due to limited space. Each application will be reviewed, and you will be notified if accepted. The Nisei Gallery will work with you on display but final display is ultimately up to the discretion of the gallery owner.

Spinning Pottery Wheel

Entry Requirements: READ CAREFULLY

Origin of Work

  1. All artwork must be original in design and personal execution.
       If the artist’s work is assembled from existing materials, the design of the materials must be altered substantially to be considered hand made.

  2. Work produced from kits, imported, commercial or mass-produced items will not be considered for the Artisan Village

  3. Digital prints must be printed on high quality archival paper or canvas.

  4. All pieces must be unpublished commercially. This does not prohibit artists from sharing images of their pieces on their personal social media accounts.

Media, Size and Orientation

  1. All two-dimensional works in any non-digital media (paintings, drawings, hand-pulled prints, etchings, collage, photography) are acceptable.

  2. All Three-Dimensional Works in any non digital media are acceptable.

Entry Submission

  1. All accepted works must be packaged to a professional standard and ready to sell

  2. Submissions are curated with intent to maintain an environment steeped in creativity and expression. Put your best foot forward by submitting the works you are truly proud of.

  3. Displays must be approved by the Nisei Gallery and must be prepared outside operational hours.

Any further questions can be directed to 

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