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Inner Child




11 in x 14 in

Year Made:


I started this piece without a lot of intention for what I was trying to convey, besides a portrait. The photo I used was of a young woman, but instead, a young girl emerged on my canvas, and a slightly sad looking girl at that. This was not anything I planned, but I could really relate to her facial expression, so I decided to keep it, and not “fix” it. Then, a title idea came to me… “Inner Child.” This little portrait represented my younger self so accurately it was uncanny. The slightly lowered gaze, the hint of sadness… Then, I had another idea, one of my kiddo friends, Maesy, had given me a little paper of drawings that she created, and I absolutely loved them. Why not incorporate some “childish” drawings in the atmosphere around “Inner Child.” That was the finishing touch it needed. I don’t know what anyone else will see in this piece, but I know what I see, and that’s enough.


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