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Fall Foliage

Seasons of Change

​As summer becomes Autumn, we experience a vast spectrum of change. The leaves redden and the sun sinks lower and lower into the sky leaving cool breezes to whisk the leaves from the ground.

Get inspired this season and explore what change means to you! you can be literal with the Autumn leaves, or you can explore themes of personal change, the passing of time, the migration of fauna, etc..

Entry Requirements: READ CAREFULLY

  1. Origin of Work

    1. All artwork must be original in design and personal execution.

    2. Prints must be original and hand-pulled.

    3. Digital Prints must be professionally printed on acid free archival paper, and framed

    4. All pieces must be unpublished commercially. This does not prohibit artists from sharing images of their pieces on their personal social media accounts.

  2. Theme & Color

    1. The theme of this show will be "Change" and what that means to you. This is a subject that is up to a lot of interpretation.

    2. Imagery to avoid include specific religious symbols, symbols or imagery strongly or uniquely associated with one particular faith, and endorsements of businesses (e.g., prominent display of a business name). 

  3. Media, Size and Orientation

    1. All two-dimensional works in any non-digital media (paintings, drawings, hand-pulled prints, etchings, collage, photography) are acceptable.

    2. Digital Submissions must be professionally printed and framed.

    3. All Three-Dimensional Works in any non digital media are acceptable

    4. The piece must not exceed 25 cubic feet

  4. Entry Submission

    1. All accepted work must be DRY and finished at time of delivery.

      • Accepted work may be refused because it is wet. Unexpectedly wet paintings can be damaged during handling. Allow sufficient drying time for oil paints before the submission deadline.

    2. All accepted work must be framed and wired to a professional standard, delivered ready to hang. Wire should be affixed to the frame using D-ring or strap hangers in one smooth line. Please make sure that the picture hanging wire used is an appropriate strength for the weight of your work. Framed work should be secured using offset clips and screws (works on canvas) or using points (flat works with backing board). ABSOLUTELY NO TAPE, DUCT TAPE, MASKING TAPE, OR OTHER UNSTABLE METHODS FOR SECURING WORK TO ITS FRAME.

      • Accepted work may be refused because of framing.

      • Unframed accepted work may be presented with finished, painted gallery-wrapped edges, mounted on foamboard or some sort of backing, and wired for hanging.

    3. Label each work on the back in the top right-hand corner with the following information:

      • Artist name

      • Title

      • Medium

      • Sale price or not for sale (NFS) indication with insurance value

      • Preferred phone number

      • Email address

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